First Appearance

00.1 - The Brologue Part 1

Pheonyx (also known as The Communist) was a primary antagonist during Season 1, and is the leader of the Hoes.

She is currently on a hiatus from being evil, as she is the current Governor of Shibuya. She is also the copyright holder and creator of the Emergency Underground Explosion Line.

Pheonyx is the wife of Curcubita and the mother of Mari.

Origin Edit

Pheonyx was a girl who, with her two friends BJ and Tenho, plotted to take over the world. Using Mus Rattus branded clothing, she created an army of really gay losers, who became known as the Hoes.

She set up a massive event to get put further into the spotlight by murdering Miku Hatsune, but this event accidently enraged four members of the audience, who became Coloured and later formed the Bro-Rangers.